Phase 3 Plastics –

Delivering complete thermoformed plastic packaging

Big products? Small products? Sterile products? Whatever the size, shape or type of product you produce, if it needs protective, formed-to-fit plastic packaging that will survive transport to destinations throughout the UK and worldwide, Phase 3 Plastics delivers a complete, cost-conscious package.

Time-served expertise

  • For specialised fields, from Medical and Electronics to Handling and Defence
  • For scalable size and complexity, from blister packs and packaging for ESD sensitive
    electronic components to sterile packaging for the medical profession
  • Supported in a rigid plastic shell for display and protection
  • Designed to your specification for individual solutions
  • Lightweight for minimal transport costs

On-time, on-budget – thermoformed plastic packaging all wrapped up!

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Eco-friendly packaging

SustainabilityMaintaining our commitment to quality of function and performance, we welcome greener materials and encourage our clients to use them over more traditional options.

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