ESD-safe packaging for electronic components

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Electrical components are sensitive and can be fragile and / or expensive, they are also prone to an invisible enemy: Electro Static Discharge (ESD), which can cause unseen damage.

Our materials, systems and processes ensure that we deliver anti-static packaging to meet and/or exceed surface resistivity and static decay standards for ESD packaging.


Our electronics capability includes


ISO Class 7 (10,000) clean room manufacture


Complete CAD design, engineering and CNC tooling


Anti-static, conductive and dissipative solutions


To meet international packaging standards with static dissipative properties for thermoformed clamshells, circuit boards and other ESD-sensitive components, including:

•  EOS/ESD Standards  •  MIL-B-81705-c Specifications  •  EIA-541 Standards  •  CECC Standards  •  IEC Standards  •  Belcore Specifications  •  Military Specifications  •

Our bespoke, in-house capability allows us to take an initial idea – your individual packaging requirement – and make it a reality. On time and budget.

Phase 3 Plastics has excelled in commitment, technical expertise, quality and rapid turnaround of Nanopore’s requirements. They commit to exceptionally short lead times and produce right-first-time products which feed directly into our production lines.
Anthony Jones
VP, Engineering at Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.

Let's make your ideas a reality

Our bespoke, in-house capability allows us to take an initial idea and make it a reality. Realise your individual packaging requirement on time and budget. 

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